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It's important to be aware of your body shape now - not 10 years ago. That includes knowing how to hide or accentuate the good and the bad.

Some people hang on to clothes that no longer fit as it signifies something they're having trouble letting go of. They might also have hopes of getting into them again.

But we need to change and grow as we age. This doesn't mean dump everything from your wardrobe. Instead, select some clothes that can work for you in the interim.


Here' some tips to help you look slimmer until you actually are:

1. Layer wisely

Layering up shouldn't make you look like an overstuffed pillow; done properly, layers will create a distraction from less-than-flattering areas.

If you're top heavy and you're layering with a sweater and jacket, you're going to look heavier. Instead, try laying with a soft-coloured V-neck shirt, blouse, or cami. V-neck tops can draw attention away from your midsection and give your torso a longer appearance. But don't allow the V-neck to plunge too low. A way men can create this look is by wearing a shirt with a collar.

Not surprisingly, anything too baggy will make you appear shapeless. Not ideal when your objective is to look slimmer. You're better off going with something that gathers at the bottom and at the sleeves in order to create shape.

2. Avoid lighter colours

Colours like light blue and beige don't disguise bulges. Darker colours like emerald green, navy and grey can hide things better. When adding colour let your accessories do the work. Colour can come out in a scarf, cuff, blouse or shoe; this can help draw the eye up and down instead of side to side.

3. Dress for your body shape

If you know you’re carrying extra weight, own up to it. That means staying away from clingy, tight clothes. Women also need to choose the right undergarments. Wearing the wrong bra can cause things to roll, tuck and do weird things. Both men & women can benefit from Spanx or Manx - slimming "shapers" that come in the form of bras, pants, boxer briefs and undershirts. They're great because they're soft, comfortable and made from material that breathes. They'll take an inch off before you’ve even started your exercise programme.

4. Consider a tailor

Whether you're shaped like a beanpole, basketball or hexagon a tailored suit or garment will unquestionably spruce up your look. Something off of the rack may have arms that are too long or shoulders that are big and that will cause you to look a mess. Especially for men, a tailored fit will make you look like a million dollars. Also, as you lose weight be aware of your trousers size. As far as we know nobody in history has ever been promoted in a bad fitting suit.

5. Allow stripes to work for you

Just because you've heard a zillion times that vertical stripes help elongate the body and draw the eye up & down doesn't mean it's true for you. Go with your (shrinking) gut feeling: If you think the stripes you're wearing make you look as broad as a tractor, you're probably right. If you're hell-bent on avoiding stripes altogether go with diagonal stripes or zigzag patterns, which can trick the eye into looking at non-problematic areas. Also, thinner black & white stripes appear more slimming than wider.


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