INSANITY Fitness Knowledge Base


1. Class Attendance

Find a class & turn up to it regularly. Subscribe to a pre-defined number of sessions (write it on a calendar you see every day eg. on your fridge, computer monitor, etc…). It’s great telling everyone you go to an ‘INSANITY Class’ but you have to turn up to get the benefits.


2. 110% Effort

Train Hard, Train Hard, Train Hard! Make the most of every session. Your time's valuable (you’re paying for it…get your money’s worth).


3. Time to Recharge

Sleep & rest are extremely important. Make sure you get enough! Plan you rest periods (days off) and ensure you gget to bed early without any distractions.


4. Hydration

Re-hydration (that’s water not alcohol) Daily Intake = half your body weight and then add the word "ounces". If you’re training hard… drink when you’re thirsty and re-hydrate afterwards.


5. Healthy Diet

Eat a healthy balanced diet, small portions throughout the day. Avoid eating at night or late evening. Avoid alcohol, it’ll do you no favours.


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